Thursday, 18 January 2018

WhatsApp Business (App) : All You Need To Know

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For WhatsApp's Upcoming Business App, companies will have to register and verify new mobile numbers separately. Viewing WhatsApp's business app will be similar to the main app but it can be seen in the middle of the logo. B means business. WhatsApp's business app will be equipped with all features and settings like Facebook pages.

Soon you will be able to buy vegetables, some and groceries through WhatsApp because, after a long wait, the business app of WhatsApp Apps has been launched. This app will go live in some countries of the world today, January 19, 2018. Let's say that there will be Blue Tick at WhatsAppSpace's business app, which means that the account must be verified.

More recently, it was revealed that WhatsApp is verifying the official account of all the companies on its app as Facebook has been doing for years. Although this service is still in the testing phase, people were convinced that WhatsApp will add some new features to the companies in their main app, but according to Androidpolice's news, WhatsApp is going to launch its own special app for businesses and companies. is.

According to a recent WhatsApp statement, 80 percent of India and Brazilians use Whatsapp to join their customers. In such a way, India and Brazil are a big market for the company. Let us know that there are more than 1 billion users in WhatsApp today.

As the official app of the company, the complete information of the company's name, its mail, location, official address, website, and email etc. will be displayed in a better way. According to all the websites, this business app of WhatsApp may soon come to PlayStore.

We have been hearing this for a long time that the popular social messaging app is going to bring new special services to WhatsApp, business, or companies, but according to the information that has been received recently, for WhatsApp Business Services separately The app is launching in which all the necessary features of the company's work will be present.

Whatsapp Business App will be available today from Google Play Store in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, UK, and the USA. While this app will be available in India, there is no information at this time, but it is expected that the app will be launched soon in India. After the launch of the app, there will be support for the Whatsapp Business app on the desktop.

In this app, there will be WhatsApp tabs, calls and status tabs, along with business settings and statistics related information. Companies will get the message sent by WhatsApp Business App, the people received and the exact number of messages read by this metric. According to the information from Androidpolice, it will be possible to manage the company's profile like Facebook in WhatsApp's business app, and it will be available to send an automatic message.

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