Sunday, 10 December 2017

Home And Car Insurance Guide For Indians

Financial Planner Jitendra Solanki said that taking home insurance policy in today's time is very important for homeowners. Generally two categories are covered in such insurance policies. First building structure and second home valuables. That is, if there is any damage to your home structure in any natural disaster, most of the cost of construction cost is done by the insurer.

The new provision for increasing the maximum wage limit from 6500 rupees to 15,000 rupees per month is also given to the beneficiaries of the provident fund.

At the same time, minimum members pension 1000 rupees per month, orphan pension minimum 750 rupees per month and child pension minimum 250 rupees per month. Regional Provident Fund Commissioner - First Rajiv Bisht was present in the meeting as the Committee Secretary.

If you have covered the home appliances, portable equipment (cell phones, laptops and TVs) in your home, then you do not have to do much financial loss after arson, theft and burglary. Home insurance policy provides protection against loss, theft and burglary caused by natural disasters. Jitendra Solanki said that some insurance companies also cover your valuable items in the rented house. At the same time, he also said that taking a package policy is more beneficial as it facilitates the building as well as to cover household items and other important things.

Additional Secretary Shanmugam, Labor Commissioner Sushil Kumar, Regional Labor Commissioner Rajaram, Regional Provident Fund Commissioner-II (Administration) MM Ashraf, Regional Provident Fund Commissioner- II (Compliance) Rakesh Kumar, Regional Provident Fund Commissioner-II and in-charge Deputy Regional Office Haldwani Amitabh Prakash , Pankaj Gupta, Sanjay Bisht, Puran Singh Bisht etc. attended the meeting.

Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) has asked the people about this opinion. Apart from this, it has been asked in other ways that why should be taken as much as possible from the carriage driver who is driving less and less in a short time and in the shortest time, which drives the vehicle casually.

What is Home Insurance Policy: Home Insurance is an effective tool that provides financial protection to your home from any potential disaster. If, in terms of economy, in today's time people are getting their goals (basic needs) easily and prematurely. In the past few decades, building construction has also increased and people are able to purchase homes (flats or houses) very easily, so the security of such property also becomes very important.

Why is the Home Insurance Policy Important: The difference between economic losses and insured loss has been found in recent times due to some natural calamities. There is no reason why this financial tool is not sufficient enough to get it. Therefore, in view of natural calamities the owner of the house has to suffer a lot due to non-home insurance. In the same way home insurance has become very important in today's time, in the same way you keep the insurance of your jewelery insured in the bank locker. You can also ensure the safety of home appliances, home appliances, portable equipment (cell phones, laptops and TVs) available in the home along with home insurance.

At present, the premium of vehicle insurance in the country is based on the construction and manufacture of models like model, its capacity and geographical use. IRDA has given the notion of 'telematics' to determine the auto insurance premium, 'The habit of driving customers' carries is different. Also the use of vehicles is also different. These things depend on many factors, in which the new form of transport, demographic change, the person is driving his car or the other. Telematics refers to the integrated use of telecommunications and information technology for vehicles. It is used to give information on time, on the road side and monitor the vehicles.

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